A new podcast from Public Energy… Curator’s Corner!

Public Energy is proud to launch Curator’s Corner, its first-ever podcast featuring an inside look at contemporary performance. In Curator’s Corner, Public Energy’s Performance Curator Victoria Mohr-Blakeney interviews artists to get a behind-the-scenes look at contemporary dance, theatre, and interdisciplinary arts practices. Curator’s Corner examines the urgency and motivation behind why performing artists make the work they do and what they can teach us about the world and ourselves.  Each episode is dedicated to a different group of contemporary performing artists in conjunction with Public Energy’s 2017-2018 performance season. Curator’s Corner will feature episodes dedicated to such artists as: Hong Kong Exile, Brian Solomon, Lara Kramer, and Deepti Gupta among others.

Public Energy is a presenter of contemporary dance, theatre and interdisciplinary performance based out of Peterborough’s Market Hall Centre for the Performing Arts.

Curator’s Corner Podcast is produced by Eva Fisher in partnership with Peterborough Independent Podcasters.

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