Curator’s Corner Season 2 Episode 2: Unexploded Ordnance

In this episode, Performance Curator Victoria Mohr-Blakeney interviews Ryan Kerr of Fleshy Thud and The Theatre on King about Unexploded Ordnance, a one-man journey through the Great War, brought to you by a stellar team of some of Peterborough’s best independent artists.

100 years after Armistice Day, performer Ryan Kerr takes audiences on a unique path through World War 1, incorporating theatre, live music, dance, and the radical DADA art movement. Unexploded Ordnance – created with director Kate Story, and performed with consummate musicians Curtis Driedger and Matt Greco – is moving, funny, and thought-provoking by turns, providing a glimpse into the almost indescribable carnage, the politics, and the arts of the period, with a poignant personal vein. Live music and an audience-participation “DADA Randomization Machine” introduces a hilarious touch.

Photo by Andy Carroll

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